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Back Office Services

Our team of specialists takes care of your business process and work relentlessly to improve them.

Sales Order Booking and Processing

  • Creation of Sales Orders
  • Rebooking of Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Changes / Cancellations
  • Sales Order follow – ups
  • Product Allocation – Distributing products vs requirements from the business based on approved priority levels
  • Coordination Activities (Order clarification, delivery status, credit limits)

Sales Support Services

  • Full month Reports (Includes all transactions booked per location, product category and channels)
  • Dissemination of Trade Letters (Discounts, promotions, Bundled product promotions)

Reports Generation

  • Delivery Reports (Booked vs Delivered)
  • Unserved Orders
  • Card Inventory Monitoring
  • Trade Asset Productivity (To ensure all assets are being utilized supporting product sales)
  • Price Variance Report (PO Price vs System Price)

Trade Asset Management

  • Inventory movement monitoring of freezers and chillers
  • Masterdata Maintenance (Collation of Service Contractor’s asset inventory)
  • Assigning contractors and asset for deployment, transfer and pull – out of freezers and chillers.

CCTV Monitoring

  • Review and validation of alerts and alarms
  • Monitoring of incoming alerts from remote stations enrolled in the CCTV Program
  • Immediate analysis of alerts/alarms
  • Escalation of valid alerts

  • Enrollment Verification (Application, Insurance)
  • Administrative Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Healthcare Support
  • Clerical Services
  • Claims Processing
  • Catalog Management
  • General Procurement
  • eCommerce