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Back Office Services

Our commitment is to make sure that we place the right number of people at the right time with the right set of skills. We specialize in optimizing manpower in accordance with set budget without sacrificing quality.


We make sure that your business is attended to in the best possible way. Whether you use traditional contact center channels, social media or front-line customer contact points, we are here to create accurate and reliable projections of your workload requirements helping you project the right manpower budget.


We improve and develop optimal staffing that makes the most out of your resources and incorporate all types of shift activities into your manpower schedules.

Using our advanced tools, we are capable of reducing the manual process of scheduling, vacation planning, shift trades and other planned and real-time changes.

Work life balance is possible by ensuring planning transparency; we enable your team members to fit their work availability preferences by using our automated request system.

Real-Time Management

With our state of the art tools, we ensure better schedule and real-time productivity management; this in turn will improve the performance of your key metrics (e.g. Percentage of Successful Contact, Average Speed of Answer, Service Level, Handling Time, Abandoned Rate and other KPI’s) by identifying staffing and productivity improvements.

Track and Analyze Performance

Our robust capabilities to customize reports will give you the ability to track and analyze business opportunities that in turn, will enhance performance at both the individual and organizational level.