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Learning Services

In the service industry, particularly the BPO space, Team member Development is one of the key pillars of profit, employee engagement, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. This is evident when we see huge growth spurts from service sectors from either fortune 500 or top local companies. They have one thing in common, an extensive program to educate and train their top talents.

Unfortunately, team member development is often neglected and an afterthought which leads to the loss of top talent within an organization. It is often times a terrible cycle. Companies won’t invest on workers because they might leave. Then again, workers leave because they see the company investing in them.

By offering these promising young talents a menu of development opportunities, employers boost their inclination to stay and inspire them to achieve great things.

Process Synergy has invested heavily in developing methodologies, modules, platforms, and a training team that has provided for our needs. We are currently using an in-house branded Learning Management System (My LEAP); this allows us to develop team members at a lower cost and allows rapid deployment of training programs.

We have gathered a vast amount of experience, research materials from multiple industries, and online resources to provide an extensive training experience for Customer Service, Leadership Skills, and Communication Skills and Culture.

We are excited to share these with our partners and help develop their team members in anyway we can.