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Contact Center

The Contact Center is the main point from which all customer engagements are managed. It is the connection between the customers and the business owners. It includes various types of customer contact including: inbound, outbound, email, chat, and SMS.

Inbound Services

Services offered to answer calls initiated by Customers regarding general inquiries, service requests (modification of accounts, payments, investigation) or complaints for product, account assistance, Customer Experience, Technical Support, Sales, Healthcare Service queries, Insurance, Billing, subscription management, Financials or other queries from customers.

Outbound Services

Calls made from the contact center which could be related to telemarketing, sales or fund-raising calls, calls for contact list updating, surveys, verification services or after sales services.

Frontline Customer Support and Walk-in Customer Interaction Services

Services given to Customers who arrive and request for service without having an appointment or any advance notice to the company. These could be payments, Technical Support, invoice claim or any other inquiries.

Chat Services

Service that allows the customers to communicate in real time with a customer service agent by using an instant messaging (IM) application that's built into the company's website.

Email and Fax Services

Service that allows the customers to communicate through an electronic mail system or fax for transmitting messages. It could also be built into the company's website. The system could also be used for service and financial requests, transmitting promotional advertisements, announcement to subscribers, or any inquiries related to the product or service.

Social Media

Service that allows the customers to communicate through computer tools and allows them to create, share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content through social media network such as Facebook, Twitter or blogs. It could either be a tool for answering queries regarding the product or any service requests, sharing marketing promotions or it could be used for business analytics.

Our people support different industries such as Airline, Banking, Food, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Packaging, Power & Oil and Telecommunications. They have the skill and knowledge to do to the following.

  • Billing
  • Customer Complaints
  • Order Taking
  • Outbound Surveys
  • Payment Processing
  • Post Medical Care
  • Reservations
  • Technical Troubleshooting

PROSYNC can customize the requirements based on your needs. We value partnerships to consistently deliver results and grow your business.