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Payroll Services

Payroll processing is an extremely time-consuming task that needs a lot of effort and patience.

Payroll processing is an extremely time-consuming task that needs a lot of effort and patience.

Our Team provides accurate, quality, and cost-effective services to make your payroll processing easier.

Outsourcing this function to PROSYNC will help you reduce costs, save time and resources, and limit risks while keeping up with government requirements.


  1. Timekeeping System
    • Processing of daily time records through biometrics data
      • Automatic computation of attendance and overtime
      • Monitoring of rest days and change shift requests
      • Monitoring of leaves and absences
      • Generation of overtime and tardiness report
      • Repository of timekeeping policy
    • Exporting of processed time data to payroll system every payroll period
  2. Employee Online Services
    • Leave Application and Approval
      • Vacation leave
      • Sick leave
      • Emergency leave
      • Maternity leave
      • Paternity leave
      • Solo Parent leave
    • Overtime Application and Approval
    • Daily Time Record Application and Approval
      • Official business
      • Failure to log in and out
    • Wok shift Application and Approval
      • New Application
        • Work schedule
        • Change shift
        • Rest day
        • Status of application
        • Cancellation of application
    • Approver inquiry-information of team members
      • Loan balances
      • Leave balances
      • Time in and out
      • Status of transaction application
    • Loan Application and Approval
    • Profile update application
    • Employees Inquiry
      • Basic Profile
      • Loan Balances
      • Leave Balances
      • DTR Viewer
      • Payslip Viewer
    • Other Transaction Application
      • Phil Health Certification
      • SSS Certification
      • Pag-ibig Certification
      • Certificate of Employment
  3. Payroll Processing and Administration
    • Process regular and non-regular payroll for Rank and File and Managers
      • Creation of employee master data profile
      • Compensation updates such us promotion, salary increase, and other adjustments
      • Monitoring and Processing of other earnings and deductions
      • Processing of attendance, overtime, leaves, deductions, and other earnings which includes SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and withholding tax
      • Preparation of Payment Request Memo for accrued payroll and miscellaneous accounts payable
      • Preparation of bank funding and bank text file and forward to bank partners
      • Computation of final pay of separated employees (13th month pay and withholding tax refund)
      • Processing of payslips through employee online or carbonized payslips
      • Processing of leaves re-crediting
      • Processing of 13th month pay, leave commutation, and special pay-out
      • Providing payroll register, payroll worksheet, and balances of loans
      • Providing accounting entries as required by Finance
    • Reports Preparation
      • Monthly Remittances of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation
      • Monthly Statutory Reports
        • SSS Loans and Contributions
        • Pag-ibig Loans and Contributions
        • Philhealth Contributions
      • Online Monthly Statutory Remittances
      • Annual Reports
        • BIR Form 1604CF with the corresponding Alphabetical Listing for submission to the BIR
        • BIR Form 2316 summarizing the individual gross earnings and taxes withheld
        • Scanning of BIR Form 2316 with sworn declaration and DVD (PDF file)